These are the scents we offer in our store.

Blackberry Wine – Sweet juicy blackberries, plump and dark
Raspberry Jam – sweet juicy strawberries and warm creme ‘brulee
Blueberry Grunt – fresh ripe berries baked in a pie crust
Partridgeberry Muffins – a blend of orange and sweet apple.
Bakeapple Cheesecake – a mix of raspberry, apple and cranberry
Angel Food Cake – white, fluffy, yum
Strawberry Preserves – summer red ripe strawberries
Orange Dreamsical – vanilla and orange freezer pop
Lavender Field – a field of lavender slow dancing in the sun
Grape Bubble Gum – a mouthful of grapey goodness gum
Vanilla Creme – creamy and smooth
Chocolate Mousse – thick creamy, melted chocolate
Cupcake – sweet, sugar,
Spa – a line full of clothes blowing in the summer breeze
Titanium – musky man scent
Cherry Lava– ripe plump cherries
Cucumber Melon -crisp and fresh cucumber mixed with a medley of fresh melons
Pink Grapefruit – fresh grapefruit, sweet, juicy
Lemon Meringue – sweet fluffy tart lemons topped with a sugary crust
Peaches – a mix of perfect peaches with creamy vanilla
Peppermint – cool refreshing mint
Pineapple Cabana– fresh juicy chunks of pineapple
Sweet Pea – delicate but fragrant flowers happy in your garden
Lime Mojito – tart, refreshing lime slices

Candle Scents

Cinnamon Buns
– warm and spicy buns with a sugary topping
Hot Apple Pie – apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla baked in an oven
Marshmallow Cocoa – sweet marshmallows melting in a cup of hot chocolate
Sugar Cookie – light buttery cookie dough with sugar and vanilla
Wedding Cake – creamy vanilla cake topped with buttercream icing
White Chocolate – rich, creamy, delicious white chocolate chunk cookies

Signature Scents
Dolce – fluffy clouds of spun sugar, ooey gooey marshmallows


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